[AMRadio] GG 813 Linear in GE Ham News

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Thu Sep 29 06:03:04 EDT 2005

Gary Schafer wrote:

> A pair of 813s in GG are only good for 150 watts carrier out on AM.
> 73
> Gary  K4FMX

I'm not trying to start anything here, Gary, but that statement seems to 
be in stark contrast to what you said, yesterday...

> With an AM linear the efficiency at carrier must be / will be exactly 
> one half what it is at PEP. Provided it is tuned properly.
> 73
> Gary  K4FMX

What would the efficiency be of an AM Linear at carrier.

(or maybe I'm not reading this correctly, because I've yet to have 
coffee this morning, and I -know- I probably should'n't be posting 
messages in this state... ;-))

73 = Best Regards,

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