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Fri Sep 30 15:16:19 EDT 2005

How about using 6 811's. I built a gg 160m only amp like this back in 
the early eighties. Still works great today. And one of the cool things 
about using the six tubes in gg, is the fact that the input impedance is 
50 ohms. No imput matching network required if your using a solid state 
George KE4HJ

Donald Chester wrote:

>> .hey don,what are your thoughts of am transmission
>> with 4 811s?..i'm looking to get more output on 160
>> am..
> In linear service, the maximum carrier output would be half the plate 
> dissipation.  The pd of the 811A is 65 watts.  So for a quad, the 
> maxumum safe carrier output would be 130 watts.
> In grounded grid service, some of drive power will feed through, so 
> you might add 10% to that, bringing the carrier output power to 143 
> watts give or take a few.
> With the pair of 813's you would add some feedthrough power to the 125 
> watts.  I would say more like 12.5 watts, to bring the total to 137.5 
> watts.
> Most g-g linears take about 10% of the output power to drive them.
> Don K4KYV
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