[AMRadio] k1man fined

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
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You are absolutely correct Brian.
    As a non-member of the ARRgghhL, I do not get their reports or 
broadcasting (since it is a single transmission to the masses) schedule. I 
hate like hell to admit but I found myself somewhat sympathetic to 
K1(wo)MAN's cause whereas he was afforded the same style broadcast as W1AW. 
Disregard the programming, the same modus operandi, if you will, lumps both 
together.                 Personally, I didn't see why the (be)League(d) 
didn't petition for licensing their station just on the outside of the ham 
bands when this issue raised its ugly head years ago. They, the 
(be)League(d) should have had the foresight to see that Glen would use the 
"what's good for the goose is good for the gander" point of view and 
ultimately challenge the ARRgghhL until he finally got his way. I don't have 
a rule book in front of  me but I thought that one-way transmissions, in and 
of their self was prohibited by the FCC until this issue came up. I think 
the ARRgghhL could have save themselves, and the ham community allot of 
frustration, by doing a logical left shift up band, had they seen this 
snowball rolling down the mountain. Of course, hindsight is always 
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Interesting stuff...

The DISCUSSION section about mentioninmg a web site is
interesting - that may now be an issue, but I didn't see any firm

Also I would think ARRL in Newington should be VERY
careful before they fire up their W1AW Broadcasts now.
This precedent could easily be applied to them, if someone
wanted to entrap them. I can't imagine that happening at
the moment, but if in the future the ARRL becomes very
unpopular, radio amateurs and the FCC could easily go
after W1AW with these same legal reasonings.

I wonder if he will file an appeal with the Department of Justice
or the superior courts etc. In the past this guy has always found
so many options in the courts.  The whole thing  has this flavor
of and old time feud...  seems like it should be tried in rural
Kentucky rather than in Maine or Boston!

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