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Sat Apr 1 11:22:17 EST 2006

San Antonio has always been a 'retirement haven' for some military 
folk.  As a result, a lot of residents are 'aged'.

Back when my Dad was the First Class FCC Phone (with Radar endorsement) 
Chief Engineer of KITE (930kHz then) the 'jocks' decided to play a 
joke.  The very liked and popular AM Drive-time Tom and Duckie show, 
with Tom East and Duckie, a British immigrant who was popular because of 
the recent Beatles invasion.  This was 1960's.  Anyway, the morning show 
personalities were to be replaced, as it was announced on the afternoon 
program (forget who the DJ was then...  Ricky Ware?  Jud Ashomre?).  
Then, as the public became aware, and called in, Tom would announce, on 
the air, that  no indeed, the MORNING show wasn't going anywhere, and in 
fact it was the afternoon show that was getting a replacement jock.

Back and forth this went on for 2 weeks, all the while announcing that 
the changes in staff personell would take place on 1 April.  Don't know 
how many listeners 'got it', but the amount of call-in's proved that 
they were sure drawing an audience!

Of course, no one changed jobs ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

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