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Sun Apr 2 21:47:24 EDT 2006

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> God I can see it now on E-BAY Call sign auctions....
> Wonder how much I could get for mine???

The sale of callsigns is not unknown in the broadcast industry. In 1948, the
CBS flagship station on 880 kHz in New York City had the callsign WABC. By
then, the old Blue Radio Network (detached from NBC in 1943 and sold to
Edward Noble) had changed its name to the American Broadcasting Company
(ABC), which had WJZ as its New York flagship station on 770 kHz. If a
listener wrote "ABC" in a ratings diary, was he/she listening to the ABC
network (WJZ) or to WABC (CBS)? CBS then made an offer to one of its
affiliates, WCBS in Illinois, to buy the WCBS call letters for $1 million.
The deal went through, the original WABC became WCBS, and the WCBS in
Illinois became WCVS (no connection with the pharmacy chain). In 1953, ABC
snapped up the WABC call letters, retiring WJZ.

The WJZ call letters live on as WJZ-TV in Baltimore...ironically, now owned
by CBS!

Phil G.

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