[AMRadio] k1man fined

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Apr 2 22:18:05 EDT 2006

I agree, Phil.  I don't think the Amateur bands are the place for any 
type of "broadcasting".  Whether the ARRL is for the benefit of the 
Amateur Radio operator or not it is still a commercial entity.  However, 
where K1MAN crossed WAY over the line in my estimation is when he had a 
"call in" radio show on 20  and 75 meters then played it back time after 
time after time!  I don't think such a privilege is provided for in any 
Amateur Radio license.


>The difference between the W1AW broadcasts and the K1MAN broadcasts is that
>W1AW does not openly promote any merchandise sold by the League. For that
>reason, W1AW  was not the subject of any FCC enforcement action. W1AW is not
>doing anything illegal under the current rules. Several years ago, a
>Petition for Rulemaking was filed with the FCC. This petition would have
>eliminated ALL broadcasting activity on the congested HF phone bands. The
>FCC never put it up for public comment.
>Broadcasting, whether by K1MAN, W1AW, or anyone else, does not belong on the
>amateur bands. If someone wants to play "broadcaster", let him or her buy
>time on the numerous commercial shortwave stations that operate in this
>country. The rates on most of them are quite reasonable and those stations
>run a minimum of 50 kW transmitter power (not including antenna gain).
>Phil G.

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