[AMRadio] k1man fined

Mike Sanders K0AZ k0az at corpranet.net
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This thread is painful at best.
In the late 50s the then sales manager for Walter Ashe Radio in St. Louis,
MO ran
A2 code practice on 10 meters. From letter recognition to maybe 10 WPM. This
done on a regular schedule and was one way broadcasting. It helped a lot of
hams including me get their first ticket.
The ARRL information broadcasts including CW code practice have always been
the benefit of hams. There has never been a commercial or political
component involved
in any of their broadcasts that I know of.
It is possible with the changing times these broadcasts are not as important
as they once
were with email bulletins and such. However still to this day not everyone
has a computer
and some still get information from these broadcasts.
Just because it does not work for you does not mean it does not work for
others. It amazes
me at how much serious talent on this page is so very narrow minded and self

73 and yes I will be going now.

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> Also I would think ARRL in Newington should be VERY
> careful before they fire up their W1AW Broadcasts now.
> This precedent could easily be applied to them, if someone
> wanted to entrap them.

The difference between the W1AW broadcasts and the K1MAN broadcasts is that
W1AW does not openly promote any merchandise sold by the League. For that
reason, W1AW  was not the subject of any FCC enforcement action. W1AW is not
doing anything illegal under the current rules. Several years ago, a
Petition for Rulemaking was filed with the FCC. This petition would have
eliminated ALL broadcasting activity on the congested HF phone bands. The
FCC never put it up for public comment.

Broadcasting, whether by K1MAN, W1AW, or anyone else, does not belong on the
amateur bands. If someone wants to play "broadcaster", let him or her buy
time on the numerous commercial shortwave stations that operate in this
country. The rates on most of them are quite reasonable and those stations
run a minimum of 50 kW transmitter power (not including antenna gain).

Phil G.

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