[AMRadio] 10 Meter AM Frequencies

Mike Dorworth, K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Mon Apr 3 21:20:26 EDT 2006

From: "Theo Bellamy"

> I seem to remember that about 20 years ago some folks were converting 23
> channel CB rigs to use on 10 meters (by legal hams, of course). I think
> were just changing four of the xtals in the xtal synth circuit and ending
> with 23 channels in the 10 meter band. At the time I think there was some
> sort of agreed upon scheme so everyone was ending up on the same 23
> frequencies. Does anyone know what these are?

I sure don't know, but it was written up in the QST magazine with conversion
articles. Should have been in the late seventies. I might find it
accidently, but have no clue where to look right now. Mike
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