[AMRadio] Free kilowatt BC transmitter - Long Island NY

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 3 19:30:57 EDT 2006

>One can easily rent a trailer it will fit in

It was my understanding that the transmitter was moved on site and the 
building was built around it, so that the transmitter could not be removed 
from the bulding in one piece..  Renting the trailer would be the best idea 
if the BC station would  let you tear out a wall in their building to remove 
the transmitter, and not charge you for the damage.

I'm not sure if the BC1-F cabinet breaks down into two pieces, or if it is 
unibody construction.  If it can be non-destructiviely disassembled, it can 
just as easily be re-assembled.

But in the worst case, it would be better for a ham to part it out than for 
the BC station to hire a bunch of goons as a wrecking crew to do the same 
thing, and then take it all to the landfill.

I'm sure that has already happened too many times.

Don k4kyv


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