[AMRadio] FS: 211s, ZM-11, URM-25D, TS-375A, Millen 90651

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Apr 3 09:34:46 EDT 2006

For Sale. All prices plus shipping. 

211 VT-4C tubes, one pair, used but tested by me and
found to have excellent emission. $100/pair

Military ZM-11 RLC bridge, made by Clough-Brengle,
with matching Clough-Brengle original manual. Whenever
this bridge is out of it's case, all it's functions
work fine. When I put it back in the case, the high
voltage (used for cap reforming and testing), stops
working. So something is loose in there. Otherwise,
the eye is bright and this thing works rather well.

Military URM-25D signal generator with lid and a
couple of the accessories in the lid. Manual copy
printed out from Kees Talen's CD. Untested. I've never
plugged this in. $80

Military TS-375A/U VTVM. This is the matching VTVM for
the instruments above and taken together, they look
like family. With probes and lid. Untested. Another
one I've never plugged in. $50

Military TS-375A/U VTVM. Another one with no lid and
missing one probe. $25

Military TS-375A/U VTVM. A third one with no lid and
missing a probe. $25

James Millen 90651 grid dip meter with all the coils
in the cute little steel coil rack. The face plate of
this meter has become pitted with many pencil-point
size spots of corrosion. Also, the filament toggle
switch has been replaced with one that doesn't match
the other one, so that looks goofy. And the grommet
feed-through for the AC cord has broken, probably
dried up, and is gone. Waiting for your TLC. $65

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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