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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Apr 3 09:45:12 EDT 2006

For Sale: Radio Books List Six. All prices plus $2 US
media mailing cost. Shipping combined on multiple

Skroder and Helm, Circuit Analysis by Laboratory
Methods, Prentice Hall hardback, 1946, 275 pages. Good
text. $10

Lafayette 50th Anniversary Catalog, 1971. Nice. $7

Bill Orr, Beam Antenna Handbook, Radio Publications
paperback, 1955, 125 pages, cover worn. $5

Alfred A. Ghirardi, Modern Radio Servicing, 1935,
Radio and Technical Publishing, almost 1300 pages.
This is the first edition hardback with dustjacket and
beautifully-embossed cover in excellent condition. $20

Parr and Davie, The Cathode Ray Tube and Its
Applications, Reinhold hardback, 3rd ed, 1959, 425
pages, with dist jacket. Excellent text. $12

Bliley Electric Company, Frequency Control With Quartz
Crystals, Engineering Bulletin E-6, 1938, 28 pages,
cover tearing at bottom of spine. $8

Henney and Fahnestock, Electron Tubes In Industry,
McGraw-Hill hardback, 1962, 3rd ed., ex-library, 225
pages, good. $12

Austin Eastman, Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, 2nd.
Ed., 1941, McGraw-Hill hardback, 550+ pages with
teacher's answers to questions guide. The classic
vacuum tube text. $20

Terman, Frederick, Radio Engineering, 2nd ed., 1937,
McGraw-Hill hardback, 800 pages, essential for any
early radio bookshelf. $20   2 copies available

Robert C. Genn, Manual of Electronic Servicing Tests
and Measurements, Parker soft cover, comb-bound, 250+
pages, 1980, very well laid-out, divided into tests
for radio receiver, CB radios, power supplies, audio
gear, TV, tape recorders, etc. Totally practical
anduseful. $8

Lenkurt Electric Co., Inc, The Lenkurt Demodulator,
hardbound collection of editions from 1955 through
1965, divided by topic: Multiplex Technology,
Microwave Radio, Digital Data Transmission, General
Communications and Semiconductor Devices, 700+ pages,
simply written with great photos and diagrams. Nice.

Men and Volts at War, The Story of General Electric
Company In WWII, John Anderson Miller, Whittlesey,
1947, 280 pages, nice hardback, outstanding pictures
and good text. $25

John D. Lenk, How to Use Signal Generatos in The
Laboratory, Rider paperback, 1967, 105 pages. Covers
lots of component and circuit testing, using sweep
generators for vaious measurements, and stuff you
don't ordinarily think of like time-domain reflection
etsts. Nice. $5

Robert G. Middleton, 101 Ways To Use Your Audio Test
Equipment, Sams paperback, 1st ed., 136 pages. $4

Ethelyn M. Parkinson, Today I am A Ham, Archway
paperback, 1970. $5

Signal Corps, US Army, Principles Underlying Radio
Communicaton, USGPO hardback, 1921. 575 pages. A
classic text. $10 each  2 copies available.

Alexander Schure, Limiters and Clippers, Rider
paperback, 1955, 56 pages. Good. $5

Alexander Schure, Antennas, Rider paperback, 78 pages.
Good. $5

Robert G. Middleton, Sweep and Marker Generators for
TV and Radio, Gernsback hardback, 1955, 222 pages.
Nice. $8

Rhys Samuel, The VTVM, Gernsback hardback, 1956, 225
pages. Excellent Text. $8 each   2 copies available

George Zwick, The Oscilloscope, Gernsback hardback,
1954, 194 pages. $8

Bruno Zucconi & Martin Clifford, Probes, Gernsback
hardback, 1955. Good text. $8

John Fasal, Simplified Electronic Measurements, Hayden
paperback, 144 pages, 1971. $6

Robert G, Middleton, Know Your Signal Generator, Sams,
library-bound hardback, 144 pages, 1965. $6

Louis M. Dezettel, Amateur Tests and Measurements,
Editors and Engineers paperback, 1st. ed., 1978, 205
pages. Excellent. $7

Walter C. Michels, Electrical Measurements and Their
Applications, D. Van Nostrand Co. hardback with dust
jacket, 1967, 325 pages. Sophisticated text with
math-based experiments. $12

R. Bunney, A TV Dxer's Handbook, Bernard Babani
Publishing paperback in 8.5x11 format, 86 pages, 1986,
excellent condition. Uncommon text. $12

J. Brandstatter, An Introduction To Waves, Rays and
Radiation in Plasma Media, McGraw-Hill hardback, 1963,
690 pages. Strong calculus knowledge required. $12

Robert G. Middleton, 101 Ways To Use Your Signal
Generatr, Sams paperback, 2nd ed., 1967, 142 pages. $5

Robert G. Middleton, Guide to VOMs & FET VOMs, Radio
Shack paperback, 1979, 94 pages. $4

MIT Electrical Engineering Department Staff, Applied
Electronics, A First Course In Electrnics, Electron
Tubes and Associated Circuits, John Wiley hardback,
1943, 760 pages. Links mathematical theory to
practical applications. For instance, the dynamics of
the space charge inside tubes is analyzed at length.
Sophisticated text. $19

Slurzberg & Osterheld Essentials of Radio, McGraw-Hill
hardback, 1948, 800 pages. Complex and in-depth text.

Edward M. Noll, 73 Dipole and Long_wire Antennas,
Editors and Engineers ppaerback, 1979 printing, 160
pages. Simple antenna cookbook with lots of diploe
variants $5

Harry D. Hooten, Amateur Antenna Tests and
Measurements, Sams paperback, 1977, 192 pages. Right
up our alley. $7

Bill Orr, Beam Antenna Handbook 5th ed., Radio
Publications paperback, 1976, 200 pages. Probably as
good as it gets on the topic. $8

John D. Lenk, Handbook of electronc Test Equipment,
Prentice-Hall hardback, 1971, 450 pages. Thorough,
practical text. $10

Donald Carl Hoefler, Basic Audio Course, Grnsback
paperback, 1955, 222 pages. This copy is bent from
improper storage. $6

B. Whitfield Griffith, Radio-Electronic Transmission
Fundamentals, Mgraw-Hill hardback, 1962, 600+ pages.
This covers transmision lines and antennas in depth.

Thanks for looking
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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