[AMRadio] ping vs thunk!

Theo Bellamy theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com
Tue Apr 4 12:16:25 EDT 2006

Ha! ... many do seem to thunk, don't they?

The Brownings had a capacitor that caused the receiver to mute slowly so
each transmission was preceded by brief audio feedback. A popular mod was to
install a DPST center off toggle so you could switch between two different
caps for a long ping and a short ping, or turn it off altogether.

Really skillful ops would wave the mic in front of the speaker causing the
feedback to warble as it died. Hence the name "Screaming Eagle".



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 "CQ CQ CQ from K4MO .... <ping!!>".

Hmm.  I always thought that AM transmitters should
have a "Thunk" sound when when you let off the XMIT

"CQ from KQ4BY ... THUNK!"



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