[AMRadio] 10 Meter AM Frequencies

esieb at sympatico.ca esieb at sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 4 14:41:30 EDT 2006

Ronnie Hull wrote:

>y'all got to remember that when ten is open, 5 watts can work the world.

About five years ago, or so, I worked a VK on 28.4 Mhz with a QRP rig 
running about 7W PEP, from my mobile (running a Larson NMO-34 with 60" 
whip).  That little rig is a portable. handie-talkie-style rig, that runs 
AM, FM, and SSB, and nominally operates the entire 10M band.    It tunes 
similarly to a 2510. There is  a  mod to put it on CB (actually 26 - 30 
Mhz), but who cares about that.   It cost me $149.95 (US) and was  a 

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