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vince werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Tue Apr 4 22:02:48 EDT 2006

Correct as usual Don... Kudos!


On Tuesday 04 April 2006 06:31 pm, Donald Chester wrote:
> From: Brian Sherrod <ars.w5ami at gmail.com>
> >What does any of this K1MAN/W1AW stuff have to do with AM discussion?
> >Let's
> >get back on track here folks.
> Actually, there is a connection with the AM community that hits some raw
> nerves, besides the longtime QRM to the AM window caused by his 3890 kc
> "bulletins."  Back in the 1980's during the FCC's AM power proceeding,
> K1MAN filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the FCC's decision. 
> There was supposed to have been a 7-year grandfather period under the old
> power rule, after which the FCC had promised to "reconsider, if there is
> any
> justification to do so."
> During a discussion of the issue with ARRL officials, Dave Sumner mentioned
> that K1MAN's lawsuit had "hardened the FCC's position," and he thought it
> would be very difficult to get them to change their minds at that point.
> When they went to court, Baxter totally blew the case, according to other
> AM'ers in attendance.  He acted as his own attorney, and during the court
> proceedings got completely sidetracked onto some tangent about his disaster
> relief efforts with I.A.R.N. following the Mexico City earthquake (which
> had absolutely nothing to do with the AM power issue).  The judge ruled in
> favor of the FCC, saying that the court was routinely "deferring to the
> expertise" of the regulatory agency (the FCC).
> Afterwards, I attended an FCC Forum at Dayton, where Johnny Johnston was
> presiding at the Q-A session.  I posed the question, if the FCC was
> planning to follow up on its stated commitment to reconsider the AM power
> issue at the end of the grandfather period, in 1990.  Johnston's reply:
> "You took us to court, remember?"  When I pointed out that it was K1MAN who
> took the FCC to court, Johnston's replay was, "As far as I'm concerned, it
> was the amateur community who took us to court.  That's an issue that got
> caught up in 'circumstances'."
> The historic AM power limit may have very well fallen victim to a petty ego
> struggle between Johnston and his hinchmen at the FCC, and K1MAN.
> >I've already had two people leave the list
> >today.
> If someone left the list over something so trivial as that one thread of
> discussion, they must be pretty thin-skinned.  I doubt if they were
> contributing very much anyway.  We're probably better off without them.  Is
> the "delete" button broken on their computer?
> Don K4KYV
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