[AMRadio] 10 Meter AM Frequencies

Tom Norris r390a at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 5 16:21:29 EDT 2006

While we're on the subject of cb mixing schemes,  I have a Lafayette  
Telsat 1023 that I want to turn into a ten meter beacon, which xtals  
do I need to change to what to get it somewhere in the range of 28.2  
- 28.3?  Have a couple generic radios I need to dig out of the closet  
and play with on ten AM.

It's amazing how often it's open, I can copy a half dozen beacons.  I  
reckon folks are all listening to each other - and not beacons - so  
they think the band's dead.  It's a shame when the only voice signals  
I hear some days on ten are the pirates.

Tom NU4G

>> I changed the first two "A" oscillator crystals to 25.325 and 25.385
>> MHz and
>> ended up with channels 1 thru 8 as follows:
>> 29.000  MHz
>> 29.010
>> 29.020
>> 29.040
>> 29.060
>> 29.070
>> 29.080
>> 29.100  MHz

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