[AMRadio] W1AW vs. K1MAN

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 17:38:56 EDT 2006

>From: "Phil Galasso" <k2pg at worldnet.att.net>
>There is an exception which permits one-way transmissions for the purpose 
>code practice and for the dissemination of "information bulletins" of
>interest to the amateur radio community. This is the loophole that W1AW has
>used for decades.

Years ago, I remember routinely hearing other ham stations besides W1AW 
transmit ARRL bulletins.  There was even an official ARRL appointment called 
OBS, "Official Bulletin Station."

I recall reading in pre-WW2 QST's that these appointments used to be called 
"Official Broadcast Stations."  I think ARRL got paranoid in later years 
regarding the prohibition against "broadcasting" and re-named them 
"bulletin" stations.

Haven't heard any of these for years, so I assume that the league has 
dropped the appointments.  Of course now, with the internet, there is no 
need for widespread bulletin transmissions on the ham bands.

Prior to Hiram's death, the HQ station was W1MK.  I knew personally one of 
the old time operators who ran the station and worked in the ARRL lab in the 
30's.  His callsign was W9WT, and when I knew him he lived in Scottsburg, 
IN, just north of Louisville.  He later developed alzheimers disease and was 
  sent to a nursing home.  His wife said  he didn't recognise her or even 
remember what  ham radio was.  Some local AM'ers and myself were given 
everything in his station we wanted to carry away.  We crammed full a large 
U-haul trailer.  We found some real treasures in that pile of stuff.

Unfortunately, one of the most irreplaceable treasures was a photo album 
from the 1920's showing many early  ham stations.  Probably the originals of 
the station photos in QST at the time.  The photos were very clear and 
showed a  lot of minute detail, but there was no identifying information on 
any of them, except for a few visible callsigns.  Roger, N4IBF wanted the 
album, and promised to take very good care of it.  At the time he worked at 
a photo shop, and he was going to make copies of all the pictures, but he 
never quite got round to it.  When he came down with a terminal illness, he 
never wanted visitors.  A few years after he had gone SK, I helped his 
daughter sort through his stuff, but that album was nowhere to be found.  
Don't know if it got tossed out after his death, or if someone deliberately 
took it.

Don k4kyv


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