[AMRadio] W1AW vs. K1MAN

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
Wed Apr 5 18:33:50 EDT 2006

WA0OCO, the gateway net(?). I think immediately after it, he takes 
check-ins. I like listening to it because of the information he has. But 
like W1AW and K1(wo)MAN, I don't feel he should be doing one-way 
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There is a WA0 up in Missouri that broadcasts amateur news and bulletins
every weekend on 160.  I think it is 1.850 and runs much of Saturday day and
evening.  Can't remember his call right now.

73  Jim

>>From: "Phil Galasso" <k2pg at worldnet.att.net>
>>There is an exception which permits one-way transmissions for the purpose
>>code practice and for the dissemination of "information bulletins" of
>>interest to the amateur radio community. This is the loophole that W1AW
>>used for decades.
> Years ago, I remember routinely hearing other ham stations besides W1AW
> transmit ARRL bulletins.  There was even an official ARRL appointment
> called OBS, "Official Bulletin Station."
> Don k4kyv

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