[AMRadio] W3PHL

Charles Ring W3NU charlesr at infonline.net
Wed Apr 5 22:28:23 EDT 2006

Glenn Laser wrote:
> Hi group I am Glenn W3WTE
> At the age of 12 I lived about 3 blocks from W3PHL in Springfield. Wow 
> what a antenna and I never met the man. Just imagine what happened 
> when he came on the air and my Ocean Hopper was turned on. Every once 
> in a while I could hear the station he was in QSO with. He was not 
> popular with the neighborhood and people always said you don't want in 
> that hobby; just see what you will do. I did QSO with him about 4 or 5 
> years later when I lived in Pittsburgh using my Globe Scout. Always 
> wanted to know what happened to him and I did received the 2 meter 
> repeater once in a while when we lived near Annapolis.
> Thanks for the memories and in no way mean this, to be a negative 
> comment.
> 73 Glenn

I remember hearing W3PHL on 75 but that's about it.

73 de W3NU

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