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Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Thu Apr 6 01:32:17 EDT 2006

I met Fred at the NAAAM Christmas Party in 1968.
He was a legend even then.  Then I worked for
Jesse K3GKB back in the early 70s, and Jesse was
president of the repeater group that put the 34-94
machine on Fred's tower.  I helped Jesse lay the
repeater shack foundation and even shorted and
smoked the VHF PA (Bill K3JPB found the short and
got it going again).  Heh heh

I saw the W3PHL operating position, but I never
went into the transmitter room.  The picture is
around on the web, the transmitter room was the
size of a walk-in freezer, with what looks like a
5KW transmitter on wooden shelves.  Evidently JPB
has that equipment now, or most of it.  I think it
will take a fork lift to remove the power and mod

I talked to Fred once or twice on 75 back around
1969.  Oh man, that huge reduced-carrier signal
with 30 dB of audio clipping.. but it was totally
understandable.  He was talking to Bill W3DUQ
about space communications using a modulated
subcarrier on AM so you could have a wide receiver
bandpass, and then demodulate the subcarrier and
avoid most of the Doppler, which can cause about
+/-9 KHz of drift at 450 MHz with low-earth orbit
satellites.  Also he was working on a full-wave
bridge and a synchronous driver polarity flipper,
so he could use an ordinary class-C final for
high-level DSB.  He was having timing issues with
the driver polarity flipper in 1968, but I think
he finally got it to work.  I was a wiseass
because I had presence rise and the ST-PRO-B
headset, and he had low-frequency rolloff and the
ST-M.  Ah, youth.  JPB is still trying to find
info on the five-pole Canadian Marconi splatter
filter Fred was using after being harassed by the

  Bacon, WA3WDR

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> Hi Glenn,
> I grew up in suburban Philly to and went to the
University of Pennsylvania
> (W3ABT).  Penn took a long-term lease on the old
Valley Forge Nike Base  which
> happened to be down the road from W3PHL's
location - Horseshoe Trail Road
> just west of Valley Forge National Park.
> It was a fantastic site to operate with a clear
shot to the horizon in  all
> directions. W3ABT used this site for Field Day
starting in the  1969 and for
> many years after that for Field Day.  I guess
that 3PHL  moved from Springfield
> sometime prior to then.  I never visited his QTH
but  I could see his tower
> and antennas. Wow!  I heard from others that he
has a  TX so large that you
> could walk inside.  Memories from my youth.
> 73
> Russ WA3FRP
> Glenn Laser wrote:
> > Hi group I am Glenn W3WTE
> > At the age of  12 I lived about 3 blocks from
W3PHL in Springfield. Wow
> > what a antenna  and I never met the man. Just
imagine what happened
> > when he came on the  air and my Ocean Hopper
was turned on. Every once
> > in a while I could  hear the station he was in
QSO with. He was not
> > popular with the  neighborhood and people
always said you don't want in
> > that hobby; just  see what you will do. I did
QSO with him about 4 or 5
> > years later when  I lived in Pittsburgh using
my Globe Scout. Always
> > wanted to know what  happened to him and I did
received the 2 meter
> > repeater once in a while  when we lived near
> > Thanks for the memories and in no way mean
this, to be a negative
> > comment.
> > 73  Glenn
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