[AMRadio] W3PHL

esieb at sympatico.ca esieb at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 6 10:00:31 EDT 2006

Bacon wrote:

>I met Fred at the NAAAM Christmas Party in 1968.
>He was a legend even then.

Indeed!  I was a mere SWL in 1966, when I heard Fred talking to Bill, W3DUQ 
and others (WA1EKV, today K1KW). He ran "Upside-down-tube-modulation" which 
was a form of tunable Doherty modulation.  He ran 20KW of audio, on a 1 KW 
carrier!  Talk  about enhanced DSB!  Anyway, he was loud at my QTH.  I have 
some correspondence between him and Hoisy Hoisington, W4CJL.  If I have time 
I may put up that correspondence on my web-space.

Ed,  VA3ES

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