[AMRadio] FS: Radio Books List Seven: ARRL, Catalogs, Books

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Apr 6 10:31:27 EDT 2006

For Sale: Radio Books List Seven. All prices plus $2
US media mailing. Postage combined on multiple books.


Hints and Kinks Volume 5, 1954, spine taped and some
page edges mouse-chewed. Still perfectly readable. $2

The Mobile Manual For Radio Amateurs, 1960, 2nd ed.,

QST November 1930, spine taped. Famous issue with
Grammar transmitter using PP 45 tubes. $3

Understanding Amateur Radio, Grammar et al, 1977,
8.5x11 format. Some cover wear. $5

Learning To Work With Integrated Circuits, Hall and
Watts, 1977. $3

A Course In Radio Fundamentals, Grammar, 1946, spine
taped. $3

Single Sideband For The Radio Amateur, 1954, cover
coming loose, cover wear. $2

The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 61st ed., 1968.
Free with any purchase.

Learning The RadioTelegraph Code, 11th ed., 1968.
Cover torn. $1

The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 30th ed., 1953.
Ink stain on front cover. $1

The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 55th ed., 1965. $1

The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 65th ed., 1971. $1

The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 69th ed., 1973. $1

A Course In Radio Fundamentals, 3rd ed., 1948, cover
wear $5

Understanding Amateur Radio, 1st ed., 1963. Cover
wear. $3

Understanding Amateur Radio, 1st ed., 1963. Library
hard bound. Cover wear. $5

The A.R.R.L. Antenna Book, 1st ed., 1st printing,
1939, spine taped, cover wear. $4

The A.R.R.L. Antenna Book, 10th  ed., 1964, spine
taped, cover wear. $4

Operating An Amateur Radio Station, 54th ed., 1973. $1

Solid State Design For The Radio Amateur, Hayward &
DeMaw, 1977, large format. $5

The ARRL Operating Manual, 1980, large format. $3


ICS Radio Operator's Handbook, 1923, pocket format
hardback, 500+ pages, good collection of receiving and
transmitting circuits, red dye on edges of pages has
bled into pages a bit. $10

Walter Phillips, The Phillips Code, 1945, pocket
format, spine taped, cover worn. $5

Herbert Friedman, 99 Electronic Projects, Lafayette
paperback, 120 pages, all solid-state.$5

Carl G. Grolle, Electronic Technician's Handbook Of
Time-Savers and Shortcuts, Parker, comb-bound, 1974,
225 pages. $5 

Sams Tube Substitution Handbook No. 20, 1977,
paperback. $5

Albert C. W. Saunders, 99 Ways To Use Your
Oscilloscope, Tab paperback, 1st ed., 1968, 190 pages.

Robert C. Genn, Workbench Guide To Electronic
Troubleshooting, Parker, comb-bound, 1977, 215 pages.
$5  2 copies available

Rufus P. Turner, Basic Electronic Test Instruments,
Rinehart hardback with dust jacket, 1953, 255 pages.
This is an excellent text with lots of circuits and
photos of tube-type test equipment that we all know
well. Very well-written. $10

Freeland, A.A.,  Practical CB Radio Servicing, Rider
paperback, 1968, 170 pages. Many of the examples are
written around radios from International Crystal Mfg.,
which seems like an odd choice. $5

GE Radio Service Guide, 1946 to 1956, covers GE BC
radios model 12 through 942 plus the YRB series, 250+
pages, spiral bound, all schematic diagrams and parts
lists. $10

Robert Plonsey and Robert Collin, Principles and
Applications of Electromagnetic Fields, McGraw-Hill
Hardback, 1961, 550 pages. Lots of math and vector
analysis. $10

John Lenk, Electronic Troubleshooting Handbooks,
mcGraw-Hill hardback, 1995, 350 pages, covers solid
state and digital electronics. $10

Rider, Understanding Vectors and Phase, Rider Pubs.
Hardback, 1947, 100 pages. $5

Harry Hooten, Single Sideband Communications Handbook,
Sams hardback, 1st ed., 1962, 278 pages. This is the
one with the large, fold-out schematics of the CE
100V, Collins 30S1, etc. With worn dust jacket. $10

Tremaine and Teffeau, Attenuators, Equalizers and
Filters, Sams hardback with dust jacket, 1st ed.,
1956, 175 pages, simple theory and practical projects.
Well-done. $10

David Manley, The Vacuum Tube Logic Book, 2nd ed.,
1989, VTL California Pub., paperback, 200+ pages.
Early tube audiophile bible. $15

Jack Darr, Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook, Sams
paperback, 1st ed., 1965, 145 pages. Has schematics
and text on dozens of early guitar amps from Gibson,
Kay and others. Spine taped. $20

Western Union, How to Prepare And Use Telegrams,
undated but cover photo is 1960's vintage, 7 pages
plus covers, stapled, 8.5x11 format. $10

Howard W. Sams, Radio Receiver Tube Placement Guide,
Covering Most 1938 to 1947 Receivers, 1948, Sams
paperback, 200 pages or so. $8

Albert Malvino, Resistie and Reactive Circuits,
McGraw-Hill hardback, 1974, 575 pages, the total
package on this subject. $10

A. L.Hurlbut, Servicing The Modern Car Radio, 1948,
hardback, large format, almost 700 pages, good general
coverage plus schematics and coverage of specific
brands-Ford, Firestone, Motorola, etc. $20

New York Telephone Company, Cord Switchboard Service,
covers operation and procedures for running a cord
Type, PBX Switchboard, undated but must be 1950's, 44
pages with fold-outs. Just think-they used to have
PEOPLE answering telephones-imagine! $10

Heathkit EF-3 Manual, How To Understand And Use Your
Oscilloscope, 167 pages, missing back cover. $8

Antique Radio Topics, March, 1975, mostly ads. $1

The Railroad Telegrapher magazine, January, 1936
issue. $5


General Radio Catalog U, 1970, 320 pages, pictures,
specs, more. Spectacular. $20

Hewlett Packard 1980 Electronic Instruments and
Systems, hardback catalog of 700 pages. Pictures,
specs, fold-outs. Incredible. $20

Antique Electronic Supply, 8 catalogs covering 1987
through 2001, with gaps. $5

Fair Radio Sales, 3 catalogs, 1987, 1988, 1989. $3

Ham Trader Yellow Sheets (remember them?)-about a 3
inch thick stack. $5


Dayton Hamvention Programs, 1976, 1977, 1987, 1990,
1991, 1993, 1998, 2002. $5

Thanks for looking.
Next up: More military manuals, plus Callbooks, ARC and OTB.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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