[AMRadio] CB vs GB

Barry Sherwood barry_sherwood at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 11:48:48 EDT 2006

I used to tell folks the bugcatcher and capacity hat
were for receiving HBO! 
Most believed it too.
Barry, KF5GC

Jim Miller WB5OXQ <wb5oxq at grandecom.net> wrote:

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Subject: [AMRadio] CB vs GB

I recall torturing people

What really irritates me is for someone to ask me if
my screwdriver hf 
antenna is for CB.
I reply "Well it could be if I wanted it to be but no,
it is a ham radio 
antenna and can tune itself to ANY band I choose.
I am a Ham radio operator, I talk WHEN AND TO WHERE I
WANT TO, you talk 
when you can!
WB5OXQ (once upon a time many years ago kqv4932) I HAD
a license for my 

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