[AMRadio] CB vs GB

I COLLECT TRAINS dr_johnnie_fever at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 6 13:46:05 EDT 2006

My Landlady Let me put up a tower and some dipoles in the backyard. I have a 
2m/70cm Yagi, 6m 5/8wave G.P., 5/8wave 10/11m G.P., on two towers and a B&W 
all band folded dipole for HF, FM Broadcast Yagi, A Hamilton Rangemaster 
Setup, numourous VHF/UHF/FRS/MURS HT's(motorola of course:). Yamaha 10kw 

Thank You,

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis
Universal Life Church (ULC)
Moderator HunterdonFree 

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