[AMRadio] Heil Classic price correction SAVE $20!!

Craig Roberts crgrbrts at verizon.net
Thu Apr 6 21:53:15 EDT 2006


I mis-typed the sale price on my Heil Classic microphone.  It should 
have been $145 including shipping.

This is the corrected ad:

Here's the perfect stylistic and operational companion for your Collins 
or other vintage gear - a like new Heil Classic 5 mike with switchable 
HC-5 and HC-4 (DX) elements and desk stand.  It will be shipped in its 
original box  with its protective cover.  This is the mike that got me 
consistent "fantastic audio" reports on my KWM-2, 32V-2 and 32S-3.  It 
was also a winner on my Drake TR-7.  I will include the Heil adapter 
cable for S-Line use, if you need it. It is blemish free and 
operationally perfect.

$145.00 includes CONUS shipping if paid by Pay Pal at crgrbrts at verizon.net.

Many thanks and 73,


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