[AMRadio] "white Faced Johnson"

Robert Nickels w9ran at oneradio.net
Thu Apr 6 22:49:40 EDT 2006

VJB wrote:
> Well anyway, these could apparently be tweaked to
> 10-15 watts, excellent upgrade on its own or to drive
> a leen-yer.
Back in the 70s when I used to help a buddy in his CB shop on weekends, 
this was a commonly requested mod by CBers who'd come dragging in a 
newly-found Johnson whiteface.   My buddy liked the $25 of pure profit  
to just jump or clip out dropping resistor.  But it rubbed me the wrong 
way, so I volunteered to do the mod one time,  and just relocated the 
resistor to a different point in the same circuit!   The dopey CBer's 
good buddies said he "put in a lot more pounds" afterward -  some kind 
of placebo effect I guess.

73, Bob W9RAN

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