[AMRadio] BC610 Tuning unit

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Fri Apr 7 19:06:52 EDT 2006

Hi Bob,
I'm talking about the external tuning unit that was made to mount on top 
of the '610.
George KE4HJ

Rbethman wrote:

> George,
> If you are referring to the TUs that go in the oscillator deck, there 
> are NO roller inductors.
> The ONLY place any part of the BC-610 that has roller inductors is the 
> BC-939 antenna tuning unit.
> Bob - N0DGN
> gwt wrote:
>> Does anyone on the list have a picture of the inside of a BC610 
>> tuning unit? If you do, please contact me
>> off list.
>> I am trying to determine what a large roller inductor I recently 
>> purchased was removed from.
>> Thanks,
>> George KE4HJ

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