[AMRadio] : BC 610 needing POWER 220VAC

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri Apr 7 23:45:43 EDT 2006

I may be falling into a joke or something here, but have three BC-610's 
and I have yet to run any of them on 220 vac.  All three are wired for 
115 vac as that's what was provided with the generator from which they 
were originally powered.  Both sides of the AC line entering the 
BC-610's are fused with a 25 amp fuse and I have yet to blow one, even 
when the overload protection circuit kicked out indicating an excessive 
current drain.  The two I use at this time both have an output in excess 
of 400 watts on CW and 350 watts on phone, so they are drawing full 
current from the mains.  Granted, it would sure be nice to have a 220 
vac primary on the power transformer to provide for a more stable line 
voltage, but at 115 vac I still only see about a 3 volt drop at full power.

It would be nice if the owner of the BC-610 spoken of here would put it 
on the air or if he prefers, put it on the market so it could be in 
circulation.  They are great old war horses that will be around long 
after most of us are gone.


Jim Miller WB5OXQ wrote:

> I had an idea that it draws too much current for a common 110 
> circuit.  My centurion amp requires 220vac also.  Otherwise it would 
> need 30 amps at 110 and that is too much for most wiring in homes.  We 
> never tired to operate that transmitter and I
>> Hi Jim,
>> Most big rigs run from 220VAC if for no other reason, just load
>> balancing.  Big rigs will often pull more that 20 amps of AC line 
>> current on...

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