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James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
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BC-610 transmitter are usually run on 115 VAC. There are
some exceptions to the overall statement however. The BC-610(E)
model has a transformer that has one primary winding for the HV
transformer, at 115 VAC. When you move to GHI models the
HV transformer has a dual primary winding, and also there is
a barrier strip on the power supply chassis, which will allow you
to control the AC input to the HV transformer separate from the
rest of the transmitter. I suppose if you REALLY wanted to you
could run the dual primary HV transformer on 220 VAC, however
if you did there would not be any control for the TUNE setting
of the unit.

In tune mode  there is an 11 ohm resistor placed in series with
the primary to the HV transformer only to lower the AC in to
the HV transformer.

The connector on the modulator chassis left side looking from the
rear of the unit is the main power connection. That connector, if the
unit has NOT been modified in any way, is for 115 VAC at 25 amps.

As for AC mains sagging and such, I run a separate 30 AMP 115VAC
line over to where my bc-610s reside. Then from the box located there
I have the line going to a superior (mfg) 0 - 130 VAC 25 amp variac,
which feeds the AC to the BC-610(*), only one unit at a time is ever

Secondly, If the unit is working properly, and you have reasonably
good tubes in it in both the final RF stage and the modulator stage,
1 - 250TH and 2 - 100TH tubes, and you follow the tuning
procedure outlined in the manual, the RF output into a 50 ohm
load with no reflected power can be as much as 500 watts on
CW and 450 watts (carrier) on AM modes. The rigs are great
on AM phone, and with the 600 ohm audio input to the modulator
if you are using a different audio driver than the speech amp, the audio
can be quite good. The unit can be driven with a quality audio amp,
the EICO 730 modulator or the BC-614 speech amp, with good

As with all things radio,
"BC-610s don't just rock, they roll!"

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> I have a friend who had one of these transmitters and we did not know what
> it really was good for.  We could not connect it to try it out because it
> seems to me it needed 220vac and we only had 110vac at his house.  I do
> know if it is still there but it might be.  Are these real good on am
> Does it require a carbon mic?  How much output are they good for on AM?
> This one looked to be in good condition
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