[AMRadio] : BC 610 needing POWER 220VAC

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Apr 8 10:00:01 EDT 2006

John you just need to go get the 2 20's and prove her wrong!!!!
I did that twice and wound up in divorce court twice  HI...
My third has never made that statement...God at 63 years old two 20's
Dreamer !!!  Is this an AM topic???

Bob W1PE

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Be careful what you tell your wife, I told mine basically the same thing

and she put me out to pasture to find 'em!  :-)


John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wrote:

>	I really have no idea if it is wired for 110 or 220.  I know
>that the Plate XFMR is 110VAC and if it were me I would wire a separate
>primary circuit for the plate XFMR.  Just for the load balance.  If the
>filaments and low voltage stuff is all run from side A of a 220 circuit
>and the plate XFMR from side B then it is feasible that the filaments
>and low voltage supplies would be more stable.  And the pilot lamps
>would not dim as much.  That is important when you're trying to write
>the log while talking on the air by the light of pilot lamps only,
>	I told my wife I was going to get two 20 year olds to replace
>her and she told me I was not wired for 220.
>	I'm gonna go disinfect some ice cubes.
>John, WA5BXO 
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