[AMRadio] : BC 610 needing POWER 220VAC

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Apr 8 10:32:52 EDT 2006

EXCELLENT!  Thanks Jim.  I obviously wasn't thinking or I would have 
realized the voltages throughout would be reduced and it could not 
operate properly. 


James M. Walker wrote:

>The BC-610, does not operate properly, when the front panel
>switch is in "protect" or "tune" mode, if you are on AM. Bias
>voltages change all around as the "tune/protect" position switches
>in a series dropping resistor to the 115 VAC main input.
>The manual, says tune in CW mode, using the tune position.
>Dip the plate current, "to get you in the ball park. Then go to
>operate, and peak the grid drive to the 250TH, and also with
>no modulation set the modulator current to 40 MA resting.
>The driver stages 6V6 through to 2X807s can be peaked
>by turning on the exciter plate power switch. If you are getting
>distortion in the "protect/tune" position, that is correct as the
>bias, HV and drive are all off normal.
>You "CAN'T" reduce power by operating in tune position
>without getting distortion. The manual says, to run at reduced
>RF output, decrease the output coupling swinging link position
>to reduce RF output to the level you want.
>As always,

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