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Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 8 11:10:04 EDT 2006

>Glenn Laser wrote:
>>Hi group I am Glenn W3WTE
>>At the age of 12 I lived about 3 blocks from W3PHL in Springfield. Wow 
>>what a antenna and I never met the man. Just imagine what happened when he 
>>came on the air and my Ocean Hopper was turned on. Every once in a while I 
>>could hear the station he was in QSO with. He was not popular with the 
>>neighborhood and people always said you don't want in that hobby; just see 
>>what you will do. I did QSO with him about 4 or 5 years later when I lived 
>>in Pittsburgh using my Globe Scout. Always wanted to know what happened to 
>>him and I did received the 2 meter repeater once in a while when we lived 
>>near Annapolis.
>>Thanks for the memories and in no way mean this, to be a negative comment.
>>73 Glenn

I used to talk with him quite regularly on 75, usually about 3810 kc, when 
he was running DSB reduced carrier.  It was somewhat distorted but readable 
with loads of punch with the envelope detector.  This was back in the mid 
60's.  I recall then that SSB'ers were always there, unsuccessfully trying 
to give him a hard time.

I met him in person several times at the Cincinnati hamfest (used to rival 
Dayton for the "goodies" and held in late September, nearly always excellent 
wx).  Sometime about 1971 I was passing through the area, and he invited me 
to stay overnight at his house.  He showed me his station, and we got up 
before the crack dawn so he could work his regular VK and ZL friends at the 
top end of 40, using a full size quad on top of the big tower.

By then he had dismantled the big DSB station and was running SSB, but he 
still had the components lying around from the big rig, and as I recall, 
some photos.

Haven't heard much from him since then (maybe communicated with him once or 
twice after the visit).  Never hear him on the air anymore.  He would 
certainly be up in years by now.  From what I understand, his business 
interests were taking more and more of his time, so he became  less active 
in ham radio.

Don k4kyv


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