[AMRadio] : BC 610 needing POWER 220VAC

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Apr 8 11:45:49 EDT 2006

Well, Brian, you are right, the 11 ohm dropping resistor is only in 
series with the plate transformer.  I was incorrect thinking it dropped 
the voltage across everything.  Of course, you're also right as is Jim 
that this would throw the modulation bias off.  Thanks guys, you have 
enlightened me.  I have no need or desire to operate in the HV Protect 
mode, I was just curious about the difference when I was checking out 
the 614.  As indicated earlier, it's easy enough to operate with lower 
power by simply adjusting the coupling.  I say "easier" sometimes that 
rascal can be real touchy.



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