[AMRadio] Another Modulat Xmitter

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Sat Apr 8 21:03:39 EDT 2006

Hello Gang !
Well all this discussion on the BC-610 has got me thinking of the Meissner 150B that I only have the two power decks for.
 So, does anyone possibly have a spare RF deck for this.
When the two main chassis were obtained I didn't recognize what they were at first and later after researching realized too late that the RF deck was actually there as well but had been stripped.
  Had planned on just building another generic final since the decks will each fit on a standard 19" rack tray and possibly finding a GP-7 carcass to utilize the P.I. tuning units and front panel modified. 
The whole rig would end up looking nice that way, but GP-7 boxes are difficult to find so maybe a spare 150B RF deck would be easier and I have the coil set and matching Frequency Shifter and coil set as well.
  I don't have the monster Meissner cabinet either so no hope of restoration.
The chassis are filthy but intact and the power Iron is good. Looks like a fun project. Just clean up and add a final. Right..........
Anyone have pieces and parts.... deep fried in PCB oil..... YUM !
Bill KB3DKS/1

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