[AMRadio] Triode connecting 803's for a Modulator

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 00:54:40 EDT 2006

>From: "Mike Dorworth, K4XM" <k4xm at arczip.com>

> > I assume all three grids simply strapped together.  Is that correct?
> >
> > In some circuits with triode-connected tetrodes, particularly the 807, 
> > screen grids are driven directly with the audio, and a resistor is 
> > between the screen and control grids.
> >
>No, he had the screen and control grid strapped and fed. The supressor was
>biased in the center tap of the driver transformer with the voltage

I overlooked the suppressor voltage you had listed.  With the relatively 
high positive voltage on the suppressor grid, and audio on the cotrol/screen 
grid, it looks to me like this would better be called a pentode connected as 
a tetrode, not as a triode.  The suppressor grid, with the steady +DC acts 
more like a screen grid, and the control/screen grid act like a control 

Don k4kyv

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