[AMRadio] More CB to 10

Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Mon Apr 10 01:33:02 EDT 2006

Two questions about the conversion of old CB rigs to 10 meters:

1. Has anyone ever tried to add FM to one of those old rigs? Some years ago,
an IC was available, the ECG708, that was a complete FM detector. I used one
to add FM receiving capability to a Heathkit HW-17A 2 meter AM rig. Many of
those CB rigs had excellent receiver sensitivity and they would be great for
hitting the local 10 meter FM repeaters.

2. Do any of you remember the boards that Poly-Paks and other surplus
outlets sold back when Hy-Gain filed for bankruptcy in the late 70s? These
boards were used in several makes and models of AM CB rigs and Poly-Paks
also sold the switch used for selecting the 23 channels. Changing a crystal
and retuning would move those boards to the AM portion of 10 meters. When
the FCC expanded CB to 40 channels, it would not allow the manufacturers to
retrofit 23 channel radios that were already in the pipeline, nor would the
Commission allow those boards to be expanded to 40 channels (easily doable).
Thousands of those boards were dumped and the hit to the bottom line drove
Hy-Gain into bankruptcy and helped drive Lafayette out of business. The
TRS-80 computer saved Radio Shack at the time. Have any of you converted
these boards to 10 meters and used them on the air? I still have a couple of
them in storage somewhere and I'm toying with the idea of converting them
once 10 meters shows some signs of life...if I can find my schematics.

Ten meters is a bit anemic nowadays, but it should be roaring in a few more
years. Five watts or less will work the world!

Phil K2PG

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