[AMRadio] Ranger II Problem ? Need Help..

Mark McDougal mmcdougal at hohenwald.tec.tn.us
Tue Apr 11 09:12:27 EDT 2006

Hello All,
    First; I'm a newbie when it comes to working on tube gear so be gentle.. I have a Ranger II that's developed a problem and I really don't know where to start looking. The problem is a very loud hum, seems like 60 Hz, heard in my receiver, that comes from the ranger.. The transmitter tunes up fine, and modulation is O.K. It isn't there when the transmitter is zeroed into the receiver, just when I remove the zero.. Completely wipes out the receiver.. I use the same cables, coax, mic, etc.. on another setup and it works fine, so I've at least eliminated that.. Sounds like a capacitor not working?? anyone experience this before..Where do I start??

Thanks in advance
Mark <K4YN>

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