[AMRadio] FS: WD 250GB, Ryan TX, Hamtronics, Misc.

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Apr 11 11:20:30 EDT 2006

For Sale: Odds and Ends. All prices plus actual
shipping cost.

Western Digital WD2500 250GB IDE hard drive. This is
brand new in the sealed bag, though the outer
bubble-pack plastic packaging was opened by me. This
drive is the result of a stupid impulse buy from
OfficeMax. I was getting something else and saw these
on sale for $90 after rebate and I thought, Wow-what a
great deal! Well, it is a great deal-if your PC uses
IDE hard drives. As it turns out, mine uses SATA and
they are in no way compatible. Live and learn.  I did
send in the rebate already. And now I will send this
to you in a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box for just
$70 total including mailing. Wow-what a great deal!

Sprague TO-3 Tel-Ohmike capacitor tester. The dial
window is a bit frosty but you can still read the
dial. The line cord has falen apart and is mostly
gone. Nice looking front panel and better than average
cabinet. Good restoration project. $25

811 (not A) tube. I believe this is NOS, but no box.

Ryan Communications SW-1 Medium/Short-Wave CW
Exciter/Transmitter. This is a tiny, single-bard
transmitter, fully-assembled on the board but never
used and never mounted in a cabinet, etc. This one is
on 40 meters. Required HC-6/U or UC-33/U xtal and
12VDC. 1 watt out from one 2N3019. With aluminum box
and original instructions. Very slick. Untested.
As-is. $15

Amperex PCA-4-14 2 Watt High gain Audio Amplifier
fully-assembed single-bard unit NOS in the box with
the instructions. 8-16 ohms out, 20K-25K in. For
phono, guitar, intercom, command set receiver, R390A,
etc. Untested. As-is. $10

Another Amperex solid state module. But there's no
instructions and the number on the box is not clear.
As-is. $5

RCA AudioAmplifier-Oscillator IC Kit KC-4003 in the
small plastic box. With instructions, PC board and
most parts, all unused. But the IC itself seems to be
missing. $5

Hamtronics LNW-432 receiver preamp. Tiny GasFET preamp
designed to go into your receiver. 18db gain claimed.
With instructions. New in the box. $10

National 6-pin coil-for 40 meters. This is the kind
that is used with the SW-3 and SW-5. This is the one
that does not have the trimmer cap mounted inside..
Just the one coil. $9

Central Scientific Company Galvanometer. This is a
center-zero Weston 375-4 round meter mounted in a
slant-front, bench-top case with 2 binding posts on
top and 3 locking push buttons in front. The case is
steel and has a cheap version of a black wrikle finish
on it. An engraved instruction plate on the rear gives
instructions in detail for using the meter as a
galvanometer, microammeter, ammeter, millivotmeter,
voltmeter and ohmemeter (with your choice of external
battery). Probably 1930's or 40's vintage. Untested.

Dow-Key relays. Typical SPDT dow-keys, 3 with 110VAC
coils, 2 with 12VDC coils, 1 with 6VDC coil, and one
with no coil at all. All use SO-239 connectors. None
of these have any external relay contacts for receiver
muting or whatever.  All used and untested. $5 each.
The one with no coil is free with any other one.  

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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