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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
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For Sale: Radio Books List Eight. All prices plus $2
US media mailing. Mailing cost combined on multiple

The General Electric Story, A Photo Histroy, Volumes
I, II and III. Volume I, The Edison Era 1876-1892,
Volume II, The Steinmetz Era 1892-1923. Volume III, On
The Shoulders of Giants, 1924-1946. Published by Elfun
Hall of History, 1976-1979. These run 60-75 pages each
and are full of great history and historical photos
and drawings. These are chronological, going through
the history year-by-year. Nice condition except some
slight damage to Volume III where something was stuck
to it and pulled away the surface of the cover in a
1/8 inch line down the front. A great read. $20

Radio Shack Ohms Law Cardboard Calculator, Ohms Law on
one side and Parallel resistance on the other. $1

Ohmite Ohms Law Cardboard calculator, bent but can
probably be straightened, 1941. $1

Charles Green, How to Build Simple Electrical Meters
and Indicators, Sams paperback, 1st ed., 1972, 120
pages. Interesting. $5

William Orr and H. G. Johnson, VHF Handbook, Radio
Publications paperback, 200 pages, 1956. Nice. $5

Wayne Green, ed., Practical Test Instruments You Can
Build, Tab paperback, 1st ed., 1974, 200 pages. Lots
of practical ham stuff. $5

Arthur J. Palmer, Edison, Inspiration To Youth, Edison
Birthplace Assn, 1959 (original 1928), paperback, 81
pages. Written like a very wordy comic book. $7

Marcus and Levy, Profitable Radio Troubleshooting,
McGraw-Hill hardback with torn dust jacket, 325 pages,
1956. Mostly suggests troubleshooting strategies and
has chapters like "When To Stop Guessing". But it also
has a frew chapters at the end on how to run a repair
shop. $10

Arthur R. Nilson, Radio Code Manual, McGraw-Hill
spiral-bound hardback, 1942, 165 pages, has practice
transmissions, how to build a practice oscillator and
key, pictures of young men in uniform all
concentrating in their headphoones, etc. $8

Leo Sands, Mobile Radio Servicing Made Easy, Sams
paperback, 1975, 1st ed., 130 pages. Use of a dip
meter, spectrum analyzer, and shop tools on common
mobile radio problems. $5

Leo Sands, ABCs of Radiotelephony, Sams paperback, 1st
ed., 1962, 92 pages. Transmitters, receivers,
amplifiers and antennas all whittled down to their
basics. $5

Leo Sands, Marine Electronics Handbook, Sams paperback
with gorgeous babe on cover, 1959, 232 pages. Fold-out
schematics of RCA, Kaar, Raytheon and National NC-66,
plus several others. Detailed troubleshooting, RDF
sets, fish finders, etc. Way better than average. $9

Leo Sands, CB Radio Servicing Guide, Sams paperback,
1976, 160 pages, cover beat up. Very practical and
cookbook-ish with many circuit tyesting examples. $5

John Douglas-Young, Complete Guide to Reading
Schematic Diagrams, Parker paperback, comb-bound,
1972, 240 pages, covers tubes through digital with a
solid, circuit-analysis based approach. The best of
its kind that I've seen. $8

G. E. Essential Characteristics, 1967, 12th ed.,
comb-bound in a unique, split-page format. Covers
tubes, capacitors, photo cells and reed switches. $10

D. S. Evans, G3RPE, G. R. Jessop, G6JP, VHF-UHF
Manual, RSGB hardback with dust jacket, 3rd ed., 1976,
about 400 pages. Same format as the RSGB Handbook, but
only for VHF-UHF. Lots of projects and enough theory
to back them up. Covers tube and transistor equipment.
Excellent. $10

Len Buckwalter, The Complete CB Radio Handbook, Thomas
Y. Crowell hardback with dust jacket, 1977, 250+ pages
All practical and hands-on with pictures. $6

Len Buckwalter, A Beginner's Guide To Ham Radio,
Doubleday large format paperback, 1978, 144 pages.
Lots of pictures. Hathkit and Drake are recommended
for setting up a new station. $7

Charles Caringella, Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook,
Sams paperback, 1st ed., 1965, 160 pages. Fold out
schematiocs for Heathkit HR-20, HW-12 and Gonset
Communicator IV. Also schematic for the Lafayette
HE-45. 2 meter construction projects and much more.
Very thorough coverage. $8

Yaxley Replacement Volume Control Manual, September,
1934. Skinny, tall, pocket-reference format. 100+
pages. $2

Leonard C. Lane, Radio Servicing Made Easy, Gernsback
paperback, 1961, 190 pages. Most coverage is
transistor radios, despite the 1961 publication date.
Good. $7

Sams Tube Substitution Handbook, Volume 8, 1964,
paperback, 125 pages, good. $5  2 Copies Available.

The Troubleshooter's Handbook, a collection of
articles from PF Reporter magazine, Sams, 1960. All
TV. $2

Don Stoner, The New Sideband Handbook, CQ paperback,
1958, 230 pages. A classic. $5

Vannevar Bush and William Timbie, Principles of
Electrical Engineering, John Wiley hardback, 2nd ed.,
1930, 550 pages, with answers to problems booklet. $15

John F. Rider, Installation and Servicing of Low-Power
Public Address Systems, Riader hardback, 1948, 200
pages. Typical Rider treatment with 'scope trace
photos, etc. $5

Her Majesty's Stationary Office, Handbook for Radio
Operators, 1961, 200 pages, paperback. A UK license
manual. $5

Robert L. Goodman, How To Troubleshoot and Repair
Electronic Circuits, Tab hardback, 1981, 375 pages,
excellent. $10

Alfred Haas, Oscilloscope Techniques, Gernsback
hardback, 1958, 224 pages. $5

Joseph J. Carr, The Complete Handbook of Radio
Transmitters, Tab paperback, 1st ed, 1980, 325 pages.
Good coverage of tubes and transistors. Detailed
circuit analysis and amplifier discussion. Well-done.

William G. Dow, Fundamentals of engineering
Electronics, John Wiley hardnback, 1937, 600 pages.
Math and theory, very well organized. $10

E. A. Loew, Direct and Alternating Currents,
McGraw-Hill hardback with Ansers to Problems booklet,
1938, a very fine text with discussion of AC phase and
motors, as well as the usual circuit analysis. $10

Brainerd, Koehler, Reich and Woodruff,
Ultra-High-Frequency Techniques, D. Van Nostrand
hardback, 9th printing, 1942, 550 pages with labs.
Cover in fair condition-worn with name stamped on it
in multiple places. $5

Heathkit winter, 1979 Catalog. SB-104 line alongside
the H8 personal computer. $5

Radio Shack 1977 Electronics Catalog, Arturo Bernstein
on the front cover. $5

Olson 1973 catalog. With a page devoted to the Federal
Price Stabilization Program-remember inflation? $5

Allied Radio Shack 1971 catalog 50th Anniversary
Edition, Nice shape. $5

Charles H. Roth, jr., Use of The Oscilloscope, A
Programmed Text, Prentice-Hall large-format hardback
with dust jacket, 214 pages. Unused (meaning the
blanks provided for answers on the pages are not
filled in). $9

Herschel Stark, Authentic Guide To Hi-Fidelity and
Stereo, Authentic paperback in pocket format, 1963.
Looks like something that would be in the rack next to
the grocery store checkout. But it has a great photo
section cataloging old tone arms, turntables, amps and
so forth, with specs on some stuff. From the front
cover "BONUS: FIX YOUR TV SET" ! $2

Klein and Gilmore, It's Easy To Use Electronic Test
Equipment, Rider paperback, 1962, 6th printing, 180
pages. Better than you would expect, with a good
section on signal generators and another on sweep
generators. $6

Kendall Webster Sessions, ed., Master Handbook of 1001
Practical Electronic Circuits, Tab paperback, 1st ed.,
1975, 602 pages. All solid-stae, but a worthwhile
reference to circuits with simple explanations for
each one. Not bad. $10

Jack Darr, How to Install and Service Auto Radios,
Rider paperback, 1954, 1st ed., 114 pages, all very
practical and general-purpose. Few specific radios are
covered. $5

Alexander Schure, Frequency Modulation, Rider Review
Series paperback, 1955, 1st ed., 46 pages. $2

Morgan McMahon, Radio Collector's Guide 1921-1932,
Vintage Radio Publishing, 1st ed., 1973. 240 pages.
Tabular listing of radios by make and model with many
details in the table. This must have been a huge
research effort. $10

Rudolf F. Graf, Using and Understanding Probes, Sams
paperback, 1st ed., 1960, 190 pages. This takes the
subject about as far as it can go... $5

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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