[AMRadio] DX-60 Modulators

Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Fri Apr 14 12:05:30 EDT 2006

    Just a note here - I have been going through my shop and re-organizing things, have several sets of transformers { from audio input to modulation transformer } that would probably work well for building up plate modulator for smaller rigs that need to be converted to plate modulation.
    These transformer sets were removed from FAA transmitters and are quality sealed types. The modulator setup was to plate modulate a 4X150 type tetrode { mod. trans. have plate and screen winding} using pair of 6146 modulator tubes in push/pull. The lower level speech amp stages have a couple of other transformers involved. Mod. trans. rated for 65 watts.
    I have technical data on all transformers and schematic of original modulator circuit that I can send along with them.The transformer sets weigh about 30 # total which would not be too bad on shipping.
    Anyway, trying to thin down on items I have excess of. Will sell set for 50.00 plus shipping.
    Thanks, Byron.

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