[AMRadio] Bird Wattmeter Slug to Trade

kenw2dtc kenw2dtc at comcast.net
Sat Apr 15 15:58:19 EDT 2006


The peak reading kit is still sold for the Bird 43 wattmeter (RF Parts for 
example)  and the kit works well on AM.  It has one quirk however, and that 
is if you are sweeping your transmitter with an audio generator, a scope and 
the PEP meter, you will find that the Bird 43 stops showing actual PEP when 
the audio goes above 3 kHz.   By the time you get to 5 kHz the PEP and 
average readings are the same.

As a forgetful person, many times I would forget to shut it off and 
eventually would have to replace the two 9 volt batteries.  I finally 
replaced the two batteries with back to back wall worts.  I keep it on all 
the time and it works FB OM.


>   Also does Bird still sell PEP kits for the Bird 43 wattmeter? If so, how
> well do they work with AM?

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