[AMRadio] Are Canadians smarter than United States-ese?

Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Sun Apr 16 10:20:12 EDT 2006

There is also a flaw in the Canadian regulations, as they define the power
limitations by PEP for "any type of single sideband emission". The
regulations, both in Canada and here in the U.S., should use PEP for ANY
type of suppressed carrier emission, defining power limits by carrier power
for any type of emission having a full carrier (AM, FM, CW, RTTY, etc.).

Johnston is retired and Glenn Baxter, who antagonized the FCC in this
matter, should be fading away soon. Maybe it's time to petition for the
reform of our regulations to prescribe a limit of 1,500 watts of carrier OR
1,500 watts PEP. Another approach for SSB and other suppressed carrier modes
would be to set a limit based on AVERAGE powr. That's what the FCC currently
does in Part 73 for digitial television, which uses an 8-VSB system of
modulation with a pilot carrier that is reduced 12 dB. Or take a libertarian
approach, requiring us to use the minimum power necessary for solid
communications and letting the maximum be whatever we could afford to run.
(Isn't that what the contest "big guns" do anyway?)

Phil G.

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