[AMRadio] Are Canadians smarter than United States-ese?

esieb at sympatico.ca esieb at sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 16 14:26:13 EDT 2006

K4KYV Wrote:

>Unfortunately (or apparently so) the prescribed bandwidth would be overly 
>restrictive to AM if strictly enforced.  On the lower HF bands, the only 
>mode definition is 6 kHz maximum, with no subbands. Period.
>But I have never heard of a Canadian AM'er being cited for a signal of 
>excessive bandwidth from his otherwise properly operated transmitter.

And you never will, Don.  Our regulators aren't too concerned about any 
excessively wide AM'ers; there are so few of us.  A 6khz BW requires a 3 khz 
max response in the audio chain.  Most guys up here are about 4 khz 
response.  So long as we don't bother anyone. the IC don't care, so long as 
we employ proper engineering standards, and don't splatter.  Personally, 
when required, I use a Bailey Engineering 3.5 kc  brick wall filter.


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