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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 06:31:10 EDT 2006

I forget John Johnston's new vanity call, but when he
was at the FCC he was K3BNS, and he was quite the
enemy of AM. 

Don's posting comparing U.S. and Canadian ham radio
power regulations sort of stirred up a dead horse,
until I read Phil's advocacy.

>Johnston is retired and Glenn Baxter, who antagonized
>the FCC in this
>matter, should be fading away soon. Maybe it's time
to >petition for the
>reform of our regulations 

Prompting two things:
This month's Electric Radio contains an article
addressing AM's power shortfall, and provides a call
for a reserved segment for our specialty. I haven't
gotten my issue yet, but it's entitled "The 4%
Solution" or similar.

The other matter is Johnston. Those who've followed
him may know that he's now the trustee of the
Smithsonian ham station, NN3SI, where he continues his
narrowmindedness against AM by refusing to allow the
station to run this historic mode with vintage radios
in their collection on display as part of a technology

There has been some grumblings to have him removed as
trustee of the station because of it, but the person
who was the most provoked has himself gotten
sidetracked and I suppose Johnston will become
entrenched and that'll be that on that.


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