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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
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For Sale: Radio Books List Nine. All prices plus $2 US
media mailing, Shipping combined on multiple books.

Harmon, Jim, The Great Radio Heroes, Ace Books
paperback, 1967. Script excerpts from the great shows
of the golden age of radio, with narrative. $5

Leo Sands and Donald Mackenroth, Encyclopedia of
Electronic Circuits, Parker hardback, 1975, 290+
pages. This covers tube circuits very well and
transistor circuits almost as well, Each of the
several hundred circuits is presented with narrative
and parts values where appropriate. All the basic
radio and amplification circuits are covered in
detail. $7

Hugh Skilling, Transient Electric Currents,
McGraw-Hill hardback, 1952, 350 pages. Chapters
include Traveling Waves and Coupled Resonant Circuits,
etc. $10

Antique Electronic Supply, Radio Tube Manual, 1987.
37-page tube spec booklet, by type, with base
diagrams, etc. $3

Gernsback Official Radio Service Manual Index for the
years 1931-35-A Complete List of 4,500 Radio
Receivers, Gernsback, 1935. $3

Sylvania Service Hints Volume III, 1943, 70 pages.
Pocket booklet covering basic ohms law through
specific set problems and general hint-and-kinks. $2

Sol Heller, TV and Radio Tube Troubles, Gernsback
hardback, 1958, 225 pages. Focses on probelsm csaused
by tubes on B&W TVs, though this is related back to
how the issue can affect a radio. $5

Military EM-416 Electricity for Beginners, by Wilbur
Beauchamp and John C. Mayfield, War Dept, 1944, 458
pages. Probably a reprint of a commercial text, though
that is not stated. Gets into tubes and radio at the
end. $4

Robert G. Middleton, Realistic Guide To VOMs and
VTVMs, Radio Shack paperback, 1972, 110 pages. $4

Practical Electronics, by the Editors of Electronics
Illustrated. The cover shows a husband in a car
talking to (presumably) his wife in the kitchen-on
Heathkit lunchboxes! Inside it's all projects.
Fawcett, 1959. $3

Radio-TV Experimenter, Volume 2, 1952. Magazine
format, 192 pages, 40 projects including Radio
Telegraph Station for the Novice(6SN7 RX and 6J5/6L6
TX on a single breadboard, and Plug-In Atom Bomb
Radiation Alarm (I guess the power was not expected to
fail when the big one hit...). $5

John Lenk, Direct Readout Meters, Sams paperback,
1966, 144 pages. Covers early DVMs, mostly using nixie
tubes. $5

Radio Detect-O-Scope. This is a wall chart about 20 x
20 inches published by McGraw Hill "based on Marcus
and Levy's Practical Radio Servicing" book. It shows
an all-American 5 BC receiver schematic at the top
while underneath is a trouble-shooting chart with the
"Probable Location of Bad Tubes and Bad Parts" based
on the symptoms. Folded, but in nice condition. $5

E.H. W. Banner, Electronic Measuring Instruments,
Chapman and Hall hardback with torn dust jacket, 1958,
500 pages. Covers oscilloscopes, counters, photo
electrics, comparators, etc. Good drawings and photos.

Milton S. Kiver, UHF Radio Simplified, D. Van Nostrand
hardback with torn dust jacket, 238 pages. Good
discussion of the magnetron oscillator. $5

National Schools Radio Shop Manual ERM-3,
Troubleshooting with Voltmeters, paperback with covers
loose and in poor condition, 24 pages, 1943. $1

Alvis P. Evans, Using Your Meter, VOM and DVM
Multitesters, Radio shack paperback, 1985, 125 pages.

The Radio Noise Reduction Handbook, by the Editors of
Radio Magazine, 1940. Paperback, 44 pages. Covers
supression, limitrs, noise canceling, etc. $4

Burke, Irvin & Mann, eds., ITT Educational Services,
This is Electronics, Book 2, 1970, Sams hardback, 750
pages. This is units 20-36 of an extensive training
course, all bound into one volume. Unit 20 starts with
Electron Tubes so this gets right to the topics we are
most interested in. Well done with 2-color circuit
diagrams and good explanatory text. $8

Sylvania, 28 Uses for Junction Transistors, 1955.
Paperback booklet with cover wear, 47 pages, almost
all projects. $3

Malmstadt & Enke, Electronics for Scientists, Benjamin
hardback with dust jacket, 1962, 625 pages. Covers
amplifiers, servo systems, op-amps, switching systems,
etc. Mostly tube, some transistors. $10

Lothar Stern, Electronics Made Easy, Popular Mechanics
hardback, 1956, 192 pages. Mostly radio and "hi-fi".
Some kits are covered like the Knight Space Spanner.
Has a chapter on modifying radios and record players.
Mouse-chewed a bit at bottom-right corner. $5

Morris Moses, Hoe To Build Tiny Electronic Circuits,
Gernsback hardback, 1963, 190 pages. Covers PC-board
and sandwich-style construction. Mostly transistor but
also covers hearing-aid tubes. $5

Carl Magnusson, Alternating Currents, McGraw-Hill
hardback, third ed., 1926, 600 pages. Covers graphical
and math solutions for transmission lines, 3-phase and
such. With experiments at back of book. Cover torn in
one small spot and slightly loose at spine. $10

John Frye, Basic Radio Course, Gernsback hardback,
1951, 175 pages. A good, practical radio intro from
components to circuits. $5

Kiver & Grob, Applications of Electronics, McGraw-Hill
hardback, 1966, 590 pages. An excellent, modern text
that starts with tube and transistor characteristics,
goes through audio and radio, very little TV coverage,
but has a chapter on "military electronics". $8

Philco, Electronic Circuits and Systems, Philco
hardback, 1960, 275 large-format pages. All radio-AM,
FM, SSB, TX and RX. $8

Andrew Corporation, Catalog 25, 1967, 128 pages,
paperback, large-format. Antennas, heliax, connectors
and hardware. $10

Harvey Pollack, Experimental Electronics for Young
People, Rider large-format hardback, 1962, 128 pages.
How-to book with color-coded schmatics, all tube
except one brief chapter on transistors, good photos
and fun projects. Ex-library, cover worn and spine
taped. $10

Mike Stone, WB0QCD, ed., US ATV Society, Amateur
Television Workbook, 1991, comb-bound, 170 pages.
Fast-scan TV methods and projects. $10

Karl Weiner, DJ9HO, The VHF-UHF Compendium Parts 1
thru 4 in 2 volumes, paperback, 1979, large format,
over 800 pages. Project after project and much on
construction practices. Totally technical-almost at an
engineering level. $18/both volumes.

Teac A-4010SL tape deck original manual. $5

Hickok 539A Tube Tester manual photocopy, opperating
instructions, no schmatic. Free.

Richardson Electronics Catalog 113, undated but looks
like 1980's, maybe 1990. $5

Heathkit Summer 1977 Catalog 816, $5

Play Things Of The Past, Catalog #7, undated but
probably 1995. Huge 120 page listing of radio parts
and tubes and books. $5

Surplus Sales of Nebraska, Catalog #8, undated but
probably 199 or 2000. 400 pages, color covers, large
format, many photos. Great reference. $10

Yaesu brochure set "Advanced Amateur Radio Equipment
For The Seventies". Covers FT-101 series, FT-301,
FR-101, FRG-7, FT620B, FT-221R etc. Color covers. $7

Allied Electronics 1975 Engineering Manual and
Purchasing Guide (catalog). Parts and test gear. Large
format. 2 copies available. $3 each.

Heathkit Spring 1977. $5

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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