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John Johnston's vanity call is W3BE. He has a column in Worldradio. He is
definitely an enemy to AM, no doubt.
                                 Joe W4AAB
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> I forget John Johnston's new vanity call, but when he
> was at the FCC he was K3BNS, and he was quite the
> enemy of AM.
> Don's posting comparing U.S. and Canadian ham radio
> power regulations sort of stirred up a dead horse,
> until I read Phil's advocacy.
> >Johnston is retired and Glenn Baxter, who antagonized
> >the FCC in this
> >matter, should be fading away soon. Maybe it's time
> to >petition for the
> >reform of our regulations
> Prompting two things:
> This month's Electric Radio contains an article
> addressing AM's power shortfall, and provides a call
> for a reserved segment for our specialty. I haven't
> gotten my issue yet, but it's entitled "The 4%
> Solution" or similar.
> The other matter is Johnston. Those who've followed
> him may know that he's now the trustee of the
> Smithsonian ham station, NN3SI, where he continues his
> narrowmindedness against AM by refusing to allow the
> station to run this historic mode with vintage radios
> in their collection on display as part of a technology
> continuum.
> There has been some grumblings to have him removed as
> trustee of the station because of it, but the person
> who was the most provoked has himself gotten
> sidetracked and I suppose Johnston will become
> entrenched and that'll be that on that.
> Paul/VJB
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