[AMRadio] FS: Cool Ham Parts

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Apr 18 06:23:21 EDT 2006


RF Final PI-Tank Coil for bandswitching 100-200  
watt TRANSMITTER - Complete tank coil with taps 
HF 80m - 6m ham bands. Excellent condition with 
Available for $18.00 plus shipping.

Two High Voltage Capacitors. 
QTY 2 of 40 pF at 15 KV Doorknob capacitors. 
Type 857 NPO.
Available for $12.00 for the pair.

Two HORN Speakers.  One has a very large
magnet(1). Two different types but both about 
the same size. 3" X 7" approx.
Will sell for $6.00 each plus shipping.

Two unusual Radio Crystals.
JK Crystals 7048 kHz in a large type H43 case. 
Pins are spaced 3/4" - $10.00 
A.E.Miller 608.4375 kHz in a most unusual case. 
Banana pins spaced 3/4" - $5.00 
0.000050 MFD at 5000 Volt Mica Capacitor.
Sangamo Type 625 capacitor good for 
RF high-current applications. 
QTY 1 Available for $6.00 plus shipping.

Set of SHOCK MOUNTS - Brand new. 
Brand new from Barry Electronics. Great for 
radio equipment etc.
Dimensions: 2.5" square. These have four 
mounting holes for attachment to chassis. 
Set of 4 available for $22.00 total, plus 

Communications Headset with boom mic. 
This is a very nice old headset with cloth cord 
adjustable boom microphone. 
Available for $15.00 plus shipping.

TU-51 Tuning Unit for BC610 Transmitter.
QTY 1 available in very good condition.
Has the original knobs. There are no 
Has crystal socket, and also covers 5.0 to 6.35 
Very good condition. QTY 1 for $35.00 plus 

Language Lab Audio Console $11.00 plus shipping.

Pictures and details at:

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