[AMRadio] FS: Cool Ham Parts

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 18 07:05:55 EDT 2006

Pre-Dayton Hamvention Sale

Our inventory continues to expand of electronic parts, classic radios, test 
equipment, etc.  You are cordially invited to spend some time at the Collins 
Radio Center browsing through our boxes, shelves and tables.

Rather than haul a portion of our inventory to Dayton next month, why not 
take a trip to the hills of Pennsylvania (near Johnstown, PA) to see what 
others have been amazed to see - tons of parts and equipment that must go.

Because the inventory is so extensive, please do not ask for a catalog. 
However, you could ask on the availability of any special part, etc. that 
you might need.

Thank you

Dave, W3ST
Publisher of the Collins Journal
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
www.collinsra.com - the CRA Website
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