[AMRadio] Re: Dayton flea market

Rev. Don Sanders innatehealing at bigplanet.com
Tue Apr 18 18:38:39 EDT 2006

Everyone wonders why attendance at
many hamfests has dwindled. This type
of inefficiency pushed many people away.

Healthfully yours,
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> Though I do not have a flea market (outside vendor) space nor an inside
exhibit space, I did order
> three (3) tickets on March 15...received one on April 10.  I have written
three emails to the
> Dayton Hamvention folks sending two of them to the ticket email address
and the third to the
> chairman, vice chair, mailing chair and ticket email address.  I received
an email from Frank Good
> (fegood at juno.com), mailing chair saying that he had forwarded my email to
the advanced
> registration chairman (Dave Bohlander, KA8RIO).  As of today (April 18) I
have yet to receive my
> other two ordered tickets.  So, methinks there are some problems this
year.  Hope it gets fixed
> prior to the Hamvention.
> http://www.hamvention.org/
> Email address are:
> chair at hamvention.org, achair at hamvention.org, fegood at juno.com,
tickets at hamvention.org
> Hope to see many at this years Hamvestion....73 to all, Larry KC8JX
> --- Peter Markavage <manualman at juno.com> wrote:
> >
> > Anybody who's going to flea market vendor at Dayton this year received
> > your packet of info and tickets, any information, got any e-mails
> > answered, know any updated flea market info, etc. We got a month to go.
> >
> > Pete, wa2cwa
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