[AMRadio] D104 mic element testing

Larry Taft ltaft at charter.net
Tue Apr 18 21:29:49 EDT 2006

The D104 mic element is a high impedance crystal so resistance doesn't 
mean anything.
Unplug the D104 head from the stand since there is no assurance the 
stand is wired correctly.  There are 3 pins in the head connector.  The 
2 close together are the mic element.  Use a high impedance digital 
meter, VTVM or oscilloscope connected to the 2 pins. Give a nice long 
WHOOOOIE into the mic and you should get over 200 millivolts RMS on the 
meter, or 500 mv peak to peak on the scope.

Google "Astatic D104"  and you will get an evenings worth of 
entertainment  and education.

73, Larry  K2LT

abeck at xplornet.com wrote:
> OK, how do you test a D104 mic element to see if is bad?
> Resistance?
> Check with an oscillosope?
> I dunno.
> Alan
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