Hosstraders NH Re: [AMRadio] DAYTON FLEA MARKET

RJ Mattson rjmattson at hvi.net
Wed Apr 19 09:31:33 EDT 2006

I haven't been to the Hosstraders NH flea market in over 10 years.
Is it still as good as I remember?
Thinking of making the trip this year.

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But if you've got good junk to sell, it's not a bad deal.

And it's still a great place to meet friends - its too bad things are so
screwed up this year.  There's nothing like it in the US, and the guys that 
trying to do it deserve a little support in pulling it off, even if they're
learning on the job.

I admit I bring home less, but it still brings out all sorts of old stuff. 
dragged home an ugly 30$ SX-96 last year that was mostly working and have 
a ball recapping and fiddling with it this winter.  And found a 5$ audio
transformer new in the box for my SW-3 - what are the odds of that?

But I remain convinced anything cheap and good is gone 10 minutes after the
tailgates open, usually on Friday morning.

73, and see you there, I hope.  Scott
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